Monday, July 10, 2006

Home Sweet Home

As much as I love the beach and going away, I absolutely love coming home. I love my home. I love my own bed, my own sink, my own shower, my own washer and dryer...well, you get the idea. I abhor beach water. I hate the taste and the way it makes your mouth feel after you've brushed your teeth. I mean, isn't the idea of brushing your teeth to get them to feel all fresh?

Anyway, I love pulling into the driveway and grabbing my girls and my stuff and finding out just how much damage LawyerBoy has done while we've been gone. It usually depends on how long we've been away.

One year, we were gone almost a month. PrepGirl1 and BrownBear nearly fell over. I can't begin to recount the number of pizza boxes and empty cans of green beans we encountered on our arrival.

Today wasn't too bad.

Dishes on the counter.

Dead flowers in the vases. Mail on the kitchen table.

No A/C. (LawyerBoy likes it hot. And baby, it was.)

Granted, we were only gone for two weeks. And he did buy new milk for us last night. Maybe one year, he'll figure out that the dishwasher holds the dirty dishes and the trash can holds the junk mail.

But hey, I'm home. And that's great.


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