Saturday, July 15, 2006


Today is the big day. PrepGirl1 leaves for camp and BrownBear leaves tomorrow. While having them both gone at the same time is a great idea, getting them ready is like trying to get the Allied Army ready to invade Normandy. "Where is my hairdryer? Where is my bathing suit? No, my blue bathing suit. Have you seen the hammer?" "Hammer?" ...

It is relatively calm now. I believe Eisenhower had a little bit of calm before the battle began, too.

While they are gone, I have one great big teacher girl thing to do: figure out earth science. State standards in all subjects in all grade levels are being re-written. If I hear the phrase, "a mile wide and an inch deep" one more time, I believe I will cut someone's throat. All that to say, I have to teach science this year. A nine week rotation of earth science (earthquakes,landforms, volcanos) to totally unsuspecting 5th graders. And poor BrownBear is one of them.

Hey, I was the college English/History major who took French to get out of my Science requirements. God Bless Liberal Arts colleges, n'est pas?

So, in addition to everything else on my plate, I am going to throw in some earth science.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Anyone know where my science book is?


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