Thursday, April 12, 2007

Back Up

Amazingly enough, our second acceptance letter floated in on Monday. Now, here in the New South, this school which accepted BrownBear on Monday has a reputation of accepting THE smart kids and the kids whose Daddies build the school libraries and the kids whose Daddies are major college basketball coaches and the kids who have something "unique" about them; like they spent their spring break on the Amazon or they are part of a group of quintuplets. Stuff like that.

BrownBear is, in my opinion, a very smart young lady. But I didn't realize she was in that league. I wonder if they think LawyerBoy is "Super LawyerBoy." I wonder what he told them. I believe, while BrownBear said our spring break was the best she could remember, it was pretty much the same. After all, she's 11. We didn't spend it on the Amazon. More like the St. John's. River. She only has one sister, and that sister is going to their rival school.

This acceptance has me baffled. And while I am proud - super proud is more like it - I just don't see her fitting in. And I'm her mom - I know what's best for her. Or do I?
LawyerBoy is of the mind to send her here - just because. More prestigious, in his LawyerBoy mind. After all, his brother, the ShoeKing, went there and then went on to Harvard. How do you top that? I think I'm sitting in the middle of a little sibling rivalry. Do I actually want to get in the middle of that with my own children? I don't think so.
Talk about trouble with a capital T!


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