Sunday, March 25, 2007

March Madness, Part 2

I really should post on this more often, but this time of year really sucks the life out of a teacher and a mother.

Report cards went home Wednesday. My one student who did quite poorly didn't come. She came Thursday and I've been getting some e-mail from her "mother." I think they are from the student. You should read this stuff - I think she thinks she is getting away with something. I want to say I am surprised that I didn't hear about the grades which were earned. But we all know when we'll hear from everybody.

I've been teaching Great Depression and World War II; in the spirit of Performance Based Instruction/Assessment, I had them write a letter to Eleanor Roosevelt. I haven't read them yet, but I am hopeful.

On the homefront, the 9th grade formal was a huge success. PrepGirl was beautiful and she had a phenomenal time. She recovered from the dance just in time to board a bus and go to a band competition in Chicago. Just 700 miles away. And two weeks from now, we'll know if BrownBear made it into 6th grade. I can't wait for April

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Blogger MissMTeach said...

sounds like you have a lot of stuff going on.

I'm not a spec. ed. teacher. I have certification in prek-3, which in ohio is like the area with the least openings.

3/25/2007 11:53 AM  

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