Saturday, February 03, 2007

Is Stadium Seating An Option?

Fridays are usually fabulous. But, guess what? ANOTHER new student. Probably a perfectly fine one, but another new one, none the less. We were supposed to be finished with performance series testing and she walked in the door as my last student was finishing up. And right about then, the AP comes over the intercom and asks if the 5th grade is finished with testing. Was she there in the front office? Didn't she see this new fifth grader registering? Uh, NO. The fifth grade just got another fifth grader. See her? About thirty seconds ago, you were probably looking at her.

I'm going to Home Depot today to buy some lumber. I think I'm buying some 2 x 4s so I can build me some stadium seating in my trailer. I got three last week; who knows what next week will bring.


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