Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, BrownBear!!

I have survived an entire day as the mother of two teenagers. BrownBear entered the ranks of teenagerhood yesterday and instead of the entire day being about her, she had to share her day with her best friend who had her Bat Mitzvah. She went to the Bat Mitzvah girl's dance Friday night, temple last night and is going to her brunch is this morning. I went with her to temple last night and sat in front of the 7th graders who went. Bat Mitzvah girl is only one of three Jewish children in their school, so I was impressed at the turnout at temple. As BrownBear said, these were the best of the good kids. They realized that you don't go to the party without going to what was really important.

Now, there were a whole lot of us in temple who got lost once the cantor started singing in Hebrew. And I mean right away. The kids behind me didn't make a sound until Bat Mitzvah girl had to carry the Torah around the synagogue. All I heard was, "She's got to carry that all the way around here?" Uh, yes. Yes, she did.

After the ceremony, we took BrownBear to dinner - big girl dinner, after all. Because our lives won't be the same at all.


Blogger Melissa B. said...

Happy B-day, BrownBear! Please keep us posted on what it's like to have 2 teens in the house! BTW, please add your 5 cents' worth over at Sx3 today, OK?

2/22/2009 5:58 PM  

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