Sunday, February 08, 2009

As The Season Finally Winds Down

Just one hour to the Cheerleader Banquet of 2009. I helped decorate yesterday afternoon - one mom actually had a whiteboard with the decorating plan mapped out on it. I remember when I went to the Fall Banquet when I lettered in tennis, I was stuck in the cafeteria with the football team, the cheerleaders and some other people I don't remember and believe me, there wasn't a tablecloth, table topper or potted plant in sight.

While they were setting up the drink table, the words, 'Where will we be tapping the keg?' nearly fell out of my mouth. Because falling down drunk is the only way to experience the excruciating boredom about to be forced upon me and LawyerBoy tonight.

But Prep is getting her Varsity letter tonight and nothing makes my heart sing than watching her shine.



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