Friday, January 30, 2009

Apocalypse Now

Apparently, teachergirl needs to teach in Pittsburgh. After reading BabelBabe's post from today, I checked out the Pittsburgh Public School website. And sure enough, they are having a two hour delay on Monday, for the safety of their students.

I can't catch a break. Angie has been home for, oh I don't know, 70 or 80 days now because of snow. I don't think she's taught school since before Thanksgiving. I might exaggerate, but dayum, people. I just got through the most excruciating conference week I have ever lived through - 35 bottom feeders, drinks on me tonight - and I couldn't get a snow day if I went out and bought the snow myself.

I remember that the Redskins won the SuperBowl on several occasions and we never had to delay school for the safety of the students. I can attest that I sprang forth from some mighty Redskin fans and never once did they ever shoot guns, burn cars in the streets, or riot after a victory. They kept their stuff together.

Is something afoot in Pittsburgh? Does Phoenix have the same plan in place? What about Tampa? That's where they're playing the game. Are they afeared for the students there, too? Perhaps we should go to code orange or DEFCOM 2 or something like that, because if we have to shutdown the entire educational facilities of a major American city for a football game, then something really wicked must be on the way.



Blogger BabelBabe said...

Phoenix does NOT have any sort of delay. They mentioned it in the newspaper article about the whole ludicrous situation.

Pittsburgh is blaming it on the bus drivers, basically saying that they are going to party so hard the night before that they will require a delay the next morning, and since they are contracted and not PPS employees, well, there's nothing to be done. I can tell you that two hours is not going to make a bit of difference in a hangover.

Nothing like setting the bar so low as to trip over it for both employees ho need to get to work and to Steeler fans, who are going to - what? - riot? Grrrrrr.

1/30/2009 5:35 PM  
Blogger BabelBabe said...

if you wanna see the "official" explanation, drop me an email and I'll send you the PDF.


1/30/2009 6:45 PM  
Anonymous Lauren said...

I teach third grade in Phoenix. We don’t have a delay. We did have “spirit day” today where people could wear red shirts. Also, the super bowl was here last year, and despite the freeways being crowded the next morning with people going to the airport, we didn’t have a delay then, either. How frustrating!

1/30/2009 8:54 PM  
Blogger John Deere Mom said...

You're close, my friend. I have not taught a full week of school since the week of December 8. Seriously.
AND when the Colts won the was canceled on Monday.
I'm just sayin'. Drink up.

1/31/2009 8:51 AM  
Blogger cupcake said...

Oh, dear Oprah. You get days off for a SUPER BOWL VICTORY? They don't even do that in Dallas, and we know how evil that team is. Speaking of which, I've won as many NFL playoff games as Tony Romo. So we have that in common.

But I digress.

We lost two days a couple of weeks ago, but I want more. I'm plain jealous of Angie and Debbie and all of those snowbound people. You and me, teach. We are sucking on hind tit.

But here's the thing: our skies will be blue a lot sooner than theirs. THEIR skies stay an icky grey until May.

So there, snow birds. SO THERE.

And as for the whole football thing, well, I've got nothing for that. The Redskins haven't sniffed a Super Bowl since God was a child. I can't be bitter about Pittsburgh (go Steelers, by the way - Mike Tomlin and I are fellow alums of The College of Knowledge) or Phoenix. Well, I could be bitter, and I probably will, now that I think about it.

1/31/2009 11:12 AM  
Blogger teachergirl said...

I shall digress, Cupcake. It was 55 degrees here today. I went on my errands in just a sweater and I saw a guy doing yard work in a tanktop and shorts. Pushing the envelope, I think, but there were blue skies. And as I remember, when BrownBear was born, I brought here home 13 years and 24 days from now (does that even make sense?) in a short sleeved spring dress. So, there. Spring time;s a coming and I need to be worried about bathing suit weather.

1/31/2009 6:38 PM  
Blogger cupcake said...

I bet the dude in the tank top and shorts was a stunner.

The Pro says that the golfers are out chasing the little white ball hither and yon, so springtime is on the verge here. There is a slight chance of snow Monday night, so my fingers are crossed. I'd love another snow day. We had two. I'm greedy.

2/01/2009 12:02 AM  
Blogger Melissa B. said...

Ah, the good old days! I used to live about a mile from RFK. After every Skins victory, we'd going out on Constitution Avenue and slap high fives with the drivers in the cars snaking back home to VA. Those were some sweet times. And guess what? I saw Charles Mann in Starbucks the other day. He's still a really handsome guy! BTW, 2 things: Don't forget today's Silly Sunday Sweepstakes. AND, please come over to my place to vote for the Hubz, Mr. Fairway. Thanks!

2/01/2009 8:04 AM  

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