Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Who's Your Supervising Teacher?

I have died and gone to student teaching heaven.

Student Teacher Chick has taken over the Language Arts class and is getting ready to handle my super-smart math kids. She knows their names. Almost all of their names. And remember, I teach all the 5th graders all day long. She has sat in on some conferences and heard an earful. (more later) She is grading papers, monitoring the students' behavior, getting to school before I do and I get to watch it all unfold. I get to evaluate her.

I did sit in on a conference for my teacher pal and listened as a crazy mama talked about her lazy, lying daughter. Her exact words: lazy and lying. Every other word was fricking this and fricking that. The kid was taking her graded work home and throwing it away; she'd tell her mom she didn't have any and she'd tell the teachers that her mom was keeping her work. She's a liar, all right. But all day long, we were "fricking this and fricking that."

So far, so good.

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