Saturday, July 22, 2006

One Home...One to Go

BrownBear returned from Girl Scout Camp last night, full of songs, and new stories and new skills...she can hit a paint filled balloon with an arrow, she can paddle her own canoe without swamping it and she can take a shower in less than three minutes.

She was even stung by a yellow jacket on her face and that wasn't as traumatic in the telling as I expected. Yes, she said, there were a few tears, but, hell, if I had been stung on the face by a yellow jacket, I'd still be crying.

I think that in the past week, she must have grown another two inches. She said the food was great! She did all those outdoor things that are scary and she conquered them even though they were scary. What a gal.

PrepGirl1 arrives this afternoon and then the nest will be full again. LawyerBoy said he liked the quiet... frankly, I couldn't stand it. I listened to the British Open just to pretend like there were people around.

Next week, lots of drama as PrepGirl has an abdominal ultrasound and then my entire family comes for the weekend. Lots of tequila.

But first, let me revel in them being home.


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