Sunday, October 08, 2006

Coming Down to the Wire

Yesterday, PrepGirl had a project to complete, so I took her to school and let her work her little heart out. I gathered my thoughts, as the first nine weeks are coming to a close. I computerized my gradebook and watched as averages miraculously appeared. Some good, some bad.

Missing assignments were posted on my whiteboard with names attached.

My experiment with personal responsibility is sadly failing with some. Especially with those who plan on applying to private school in the sixth grade.

Conference week is the week after next. I always dread that week because the kids have half days and then we spend the rest of those days talking to parents. Often, parents are not amused. I've got a teachermom coming all riled up already; my question is, if she's so concerned, why is she waiting two more weeks to talk? I've e-mailed her and sent weekly progress reports. I'm putting her son on the TLC list so I can officially track his progress and prove I've done "special" things for him. My question is why hasn't it already been done? Can't wait for this one. But as our principal always says, you can never predict which conferences are going to be the ones which are going to go sour.

99% of the time, things are fine. But once in a while, something goes wrong and you spend your whole conference trying to undo a perceived wrong. Whatever. Forty-five down and 145 to go.


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