Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's Not the Homework...It's the Hormones

I just thought we were in the middle of an overtired, homework induced meltdown. But what was I thinking? Of course not!!! We are in the throes of girl number two becoming a woman. Where the hell was I last night? I thought the second one was supposed to be easier.

After two weeks with my class, I have come to the head on realization that it is one of the most diverse in academic backgrounds I have ever encountered. I have kids who can and will ask for more and kids who can't and will struggle with what you hand them and won't ask for any more. Kids who can't read and hate it and kids who love to read and read a novel a night. Hence, my dilemma. I have to keep the able ones engaged while I get the others on track. That's the hardest part of my job. That's what wakes me up in the middle of the night and keeps me worried. The ones I am trying to get on track are the ones who could get left behind. But if I spend all my time with the ones who are struggling, the ones who want to learn and do more get the short end of the stick.

Best thing of all today. Our district put out an e-mail to the entire county lauding our seniors and their great performance on the SATs. However, there was a glaring (GLARING) error in punctuation that just made me want to poke a nail in my eye. Sure, it 's great to send out an announcement praising our efforts in education, just as long as we don't say 'we done grate.' I wonder how many teachers will resend it to the superintendent with the mistake corrected.


Blogger Ms. Q said...

I understand your plight with the academic levels causing chaos. I had a similar issue last year, but did not deal with it as effectively as I should have. I did have the opportunity to suggest to my dh and the counselors that if I was to teach the same course (American Studies-english and history combined) that the students need to be grouped by ability. It was not fair to have the highest mixed in with the lowest because I couldn't focus enough time on either group to make sure they were going beyond the levels they came to me at. This year I have two classes that are high and one that is lower. I can now structure things to work with both sets of students to gain maximum benefit.

9/04/2006 2:09 AM  

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