Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sorry, Katie

Running home from cheer practice with PrepGirl this evening when I realized that Katie Couric was starting her new job tonight. Missed her opening; sorry, Katie; I was too busy being the Mom.

Just wondering who was being the Mom at your house.

Sounds harsh, but at my house, there's too much going on in the morning for there to be meaningful conversation. Dinnertime is when we gather 'round the pot roast and find out the scoop on everyone's day. The CBS Evening News comes on right smack dab in the middle of dinner, so there's really not a lot of hope for Katie at our house. (Or Brian or Elizabeth, for that matter.)

My own girls gave me grief for fighting the Mommy Wars with Katie. I just wondered outloud who was eating dinner with the Monahan girls; they chided me about making career choices and said all those things you want to hear your independent-minded daughters say.

So, good luck, Katie. If I was making anywhere near your salary, maybe I'd contemplate doing my life differently. But I wonder if my contribution would still be the same.


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