Sunday, September 24, 2006

Back in the Saddle....Again?

I think I am better. I haven't really choked and croaked and pick the nasty verb, but you get my drift. After steroids, antibiotics, and decongestants the size of my thumb, you would think all was well. I think I have partially diagnosed the problem, however. I had to go to a writing workshop on Friday and one of the teachergirls I was there with is a youngster of sorts, long, luscious curly hair, and a party every other night. Apparently party-teachergirl has two dogs and three cats and she must let them sleep in her hair, because the chick smelled like a wet dog. I have had my dog allergies in the past and cats could quite literally knock me down, but I have never had a reaction to anything quite like I had as I spent the entire day sitting next to her, trying to get into the lap of another colleague. My other colleague laughed and laughed and laughed; I thought the presenter was finally going to ask what the joke was, but fortunately for us, he just ignored us. I couldn't help but think about that Seinfeld episode where he couldn't get the smell out of his car. That's how bad it was. BAD. I had to shower and wash all the clothes I had on as soon as I got home. But the worst part of all was Friday morning, I was feeling pretty good. By the time party-teachergirl got through with me, I felt like I had completely relapsed. I felt like I had been hit by a truck - head stopped back up, couldn't hear because my ears were so stopped up- I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital.

So, do you think I have been suffering with allergies these weeks?

My word. Maybe that's what started it, but, baby, it cut me down with a vengeance.

I sang in the choir today - we were good. ChoirGuy was happy. But after four years with us knuckleheads, you'd think he'd realize we were going to get it eventually. Well, maybe it was because he has been with us for four years that he didn't think we were going to get it. You see, we're ChoirGuy's amateurs. We're not his university choir and we're not his audition choir. We're his church choir. Now, he treats us like we're the others and sometimes we butt heads - see more during the Christmas season - but after four years of rehearsals and performances with ChoirGuy, I think we're in the groove. He smiles a lot more than he used to. And trust me, being up there on that platform with him, it's important to see a little smile once in a while.

Got a full week coming up. Math Night Thursday and LawyerBoy is coming with BrownBear. He gets to see me be her teachergirl. Can't wait for that.

ABC is going to show Grey's Anatomy for me on Friday night this week. Thanks, guys. Since I have to be at school Thursday night, it helps a lot. Really. Thanks. Keep up the good work


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