Saturday, October 21, 2006

Conference Week

Finally, we can put this week to bed.

Our conference week lasts, as you might guess, a whole week. We teach for half a day, and then we conference for half a day. Might not sound too bad, but after two or three days, it begins to wear on you. The kids are completely off their schedules - after all, we have to eat lunch at 10:18 AM and our specials classes aren't at the right times at all. We don't have time to teach all our subjects and everything, just as hard as you try, is just up in the air.

Some teachers schedule all their conferences for the first two days. Those are the lower elementary teachers with 14 kids in their classes. I remember the year I had 29 kids - I didn't think I was ever going to finish. Of course, there was those one or two parents who didn't give a rat's ass about their kids' education and never came to anything. It wasn't because they were working two jobs and just couldn't get to school. These were the people who were too selfish and didn't want to be bothered with their own kids. I've got a mom like that this year. She doesn't want to be bothered about her own child. It doesn't matter what he does or what anyone has to say; she isn't going to be coming to school. She sends her ex-husband. Period. Isn't going to be bothered. Hope she makes it to his trial or whatever because when this kid blows and something really goes wrong with him, she is going to be the first one on the news going "why didn't somebody tell me something was wrong with my baby?"


Blogger New Orleans Friend said...

Hi TeacherGirl! Thanks for popping in. N.O. Hub and I have a name for those sort of people... we call them "Not Ma Baby" because they are so deep in denial they wouldn't know their own reality if it ran them down! It's sad really. My children are in very small classes. It's a delight! (and we do go to the PTC's!) But our PTC's are all on one day. It works well that way. I can't imagine an entire week of 1/2 days as the parent. What a nightmare!!

oh, and what are you doing up at 5 am??? shew!

10/21/2006 10:08 AM  

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