Saturday, October 28, 2006

She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain

Went on the annual TeacherGirl Family Mountain Getaway today. We drove up the highway, ate a quick breakfast at the Waffle House (which for some reason, BrownBear does not enjoy) and headed for our favorite pumpkin patch in the whole state. This weekend, there were not as many people as we have encountered in the past. We have often had to wait in line for parking, a wheelbarrow and a time to check out. Today, we found a place to park in the main lot, wheelbarrows just hanging around and hardly a line in front of the cash register.
From there, we went up to the state park right around the bend, climbed up to the falls and ate a lovely lunch at the lodge restaurant. It had gotten windy and cold by the time we finished eating, so we talked LawyerBoy into a trip to the outlet mall in the nearby town. Just had to drive through the Moonshine Festival to get there. We had a great time and only broke two candlesticks at Williams-Sonoma in doing so. What's really funny is that when the girls were little, we never broke anything while we were out. Today, we break not one, but two candlesticks.
We get to fall back tonight, so that makes a great day even better.


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