Thursday, November 02, 2006

What About the Regular Kids?

Damned glad this week is almost over; one more school day and we can close the book on this week. Trying to do a rotation in reading and I think it is working. Not sure, but I think so. I just have to find the time to stick in the writing and it is kicking me in the butt that I can't find the time. Does everyone have this problem? Or is it just me? Had training about inclusion - more special education kids in the general education classroom - and I am just about fed up to the gills with that. If I had wanted to be a spec ed teacher, I would have majored in it. Now, I am having this shoved down my throat.
As a parent of a general ed child, I am tired of my kid being shoved aside so that other kids get whatever, whenever. Now we are worrying about the self-esteem of the special ed kid and how that child must feel when he is taken out of the general classroom. What I care about is my child's education and how we don't do enough for the regular kids. Average kids don't get a fair shake in this country. We wonder why the average kids can't read or write and it is because we are always, always, jerking the system around and leaving the average kids out of the loop. We believe that the smart kids will get it, no matter who is in their classroom or what is going on in the room. That crap has to stop. We are doing a disservice to everyone with this mentality. Parents are going to have to take a stand for their own kids; I can't do it alone.


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