Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Scores Will Be What The Scores Will Be

Super Big Testing starts Monday and our Assistant Principal has been breathing down our necks...well, not really. She talks a big game, but she has left this test prep up to the teachers and then has us sign a document stating that we have viewed the powerpoint and read the examiner's manual and have asked any questions we feel are necessary.

Is that any way to prepare your teachers to give a test that determines the fate of your kids? I don't think so. Maybe I'm wrong, but I would feel a lot better if it were boiled down to a couple of pages of things to remember, instead of a 75 page powerpoint and the 30 page examiner's manual - both written by the Department of Education lawyers.

Our principal said that the scores would be what they would be. Just to calm down and let the kids show what they know. I just hope they remember something.



Anonymous eleanor said...

Do parents have the right to withdraw their kids from testing?

4/15/2007 3:49 AM  
Blogger teachergirl said...

I don't think parents can withdraw their kids from these high stakes tests. These are based on No Child Left Behind - they are mandated by federal law. I've never been asked that question, though. I'd like to know the answer, if you find it.

4/16/2007 3:21 PM  
Anonymous cityteacher said...

Hmm, I don't know about your Big Test, but for our Big Test, the parents can write a letter stating that they don't want their child to be tested. In my school, the administration tells the teacher NEVER to reveal that secret to parents because we have to test a certain percentage of our students or we don't meet our API or AYP or some alphabet. In fact, when one of my parents DID turn in that letter, the admin went into overdrive to convince her to retract her statement and have her children tested.

4/22/2007 2:04 PM  
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3/09/2009 5:40 AM  

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