Monday, December 17, 2007

Glitter and Glue Day

We made votive candleholders for the parental units today. Needless to say, there is glitter all over my room. Well, not all over, but all over enough. It was teachergirl jean day (don't mess with me, I was working with glue AND glitter) and our principal was still doing focussed walk throughs. Thank the stars in heaven that I ventured into the computer lab with my teaching buddy (and my glitter/glue counterpart) after lunch to do the STAR test because who comes around with her clipboard but my principal for a four minute look and see. We have to be able to state the standard we are using while they are visiting. I haven't figured out which standard glitter and glue hits. Tomorrow, we are off the glitter.

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Blogger the anonymous teacher said...

The dreaded drop-ins...Last year at this time another teacher and I were watching Pirates of the Caribbean because we were so far of the other teachers in that class. I had a principal drop-in, and each and every one of my students could explain how PotC was similar to The Odyssey. Glad we'd practiced it.

12/18/2007 7:21 AM  

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