Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Need a Wife

Yesterday, after spending $397.00 at the pediatric dentist and $4 on parking, I went to refill PrepGirl's allergy prescription (Zyrtec) to the tune of $50. Instead of waiting, I told them I would pick it up later. After dinner, I sent Prep and LawyerBoy and BrownBear to the pharmacy. Between CVS, the Movie Gallery and home, they lost it. WTH? They can't find it at the CVS. I haven't called the Movie Gallery because the children assured me they didn't take it in the Movie Gallery. They didn't bring it in the house. Now where in the world could it be? I thought that between the three of them, they could get this one little bag home. Was I wrong or what?



Blogger Sally said...

I've said this very thing SO MANY times!! I need a wife!! LOL!!

10/27/2007 2:03 AM  

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