Thursday, October 11, 2007

Does Time Ever Stop Marching?

We had a baby shower for BrownBear's first grade teacher today and BrownBear made it in time to see her and grab a slice of cake. FirstgradeTeachergirl was positively radiant - all baby glowy - but she was absolutely delighted to see BrownBear. BrownBear is just like her - lefthanded, rule follower, athletic and smart - and FirstgradeTeachergirl made sure that BrownBear reached her potential. FirstgradeTeachergirl has been our Teacher of the Year for a good reason; she is an awesome teacher.

Silly me, I didn't have my digital camera to snap the picture of FirstgradeTeachergirl reaching up to show that BrownBear is now as tall as she is. Seriously, when did all this growing up happen?



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