Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The First Tuesday in October

  • My mantel couldn't be cuter if it tried. No, there are no body parts coming out of it, but it is adorable, nonetheless. If my digital camera had some batteries, I'd show you.
  • Please stop complaining about your rainy days and tropical storms. We would pay for some rain to fall out of the sky. We are sitting on a total outdoor water ban. I'm waiting for the indoor water ban to go into effect.
  • I am tired of school. I think it has to do with this stupid testing. I'm not doing anything except keeping kids awake and I'm as bored as they are.
  • The spelling part of the test was today. It was all I could do not to hit them in the backs of their heads as they didn't mark the incorrectly spelled words. I mean does larjer look right to you?
  • It's only Tuesday. I'm making beef stew on Saturday - Tyler Florence or the Barefoot Contessa - they both look pretty good to me.

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Blogger cupcake said...

It's too darn hot here to think about stew. But yours sounds yummy. How about a recipe swap?

Please post photos of the mantle.

And I am SOOOOOO with you on the testing. I thought I'd, you know, teach as a teacher. Oh, how silly and hopelessly naive. Turns out I'm there to get them to pass the state writing test. Anything else that gets accomplished is a miracle.

10/02/2007 8:08 PM  
Blogger Sally said...

How can you have state testing in October?!? What are you supposed to have accomplished, REALLY, in a MONTH??? I thought April was bad...I mean, really, aren't you actually testing how good the teacher was LAST YEAR and how much of it was entertaining enough to not be totally lost over the summer???

10/03/2007 1:34 AM  
Blogger teachergirl said...

Exactly, Sally, exactly. Just what did they remember? 'Cause I haven't taught them anything.

10/06/2007 10:18 PM  

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