Monday, September 21, 2009

Flood Day!!

School is cancelled tomorrow because we are stuck in the middle of a deluge. An Old Testament-type rain continues to fall and flood and cause much consternation around heah.

Hence, the free-day tomorrow.

Personally, I thought the county would wait until 4AM to call it. That's how they roll. But an elementary school flooded today, and parents were HOT. So, they thought they'd better get a handle on things - you know, with the roads being out and all , so they have shut down the county. We are thrilled. Unforetunately, Prep and BrownBear's school is so wet, the football field is underwater and Homecoming is Friday. No word on how they are going to address that mess.

So, think of me manana; we never get snow, but sometimes, we do get a break.



Blogger John Deere Mom said...

You and your floods...some people get all the breaks! ;) Don't forget about this when I am bragging about my snow days!!

9/23/2009 7:21 PM  
Blogger Melissa B. said...

We've had to take "snow" days for hurricanes before. In fact, when Hurricane Floyd rolled in to town in 1999, we were off 2 days the first week of school! Hope you dry out and everyone stays safe...

9/27/2009 8:34 PM  

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