Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Teaching Teachers, Part 2

Teaching teachers is a funny thing; you want them to have a good time, because they have suffered through so many horrible teacher trainings before (at least I know I have) and you want them to walk away with good things to use in the classroom. I was picked to be a teacher leader by my principal and when my chief says jump, I just ask how high.

Today went fairly well; as well as can be expected when 50 teachers gather together for professional learning when they don't want to be there. We tried to make it as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. Our principal made sure we had every kind of handout possible for our teachers. I always like it when I have something I can use when I get back to school and she made sure that we were going to be successful.

However, there is always some jerk who can't keep the smart comments to himself. Now, I have to confess that I am not always the best participant on Teacher Work Days, but I keep my stupid comments to myself. Today, however, the stupid comment guy was up front and in my face; he couldn't help himself, I guess. And the room got a little out of control - I admit, that might have been my fault, but my partner and I did give them a task to work on briefly and they didn't want to come back.

My team complimented me, however, on my presentation and my self control. I guess I did a better job than I realize - it is hard to figure out how you're doing when you're up in front of everyone - I just need more opportunities in front of the adults in the district. I can handle the children just fine.


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