Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Eight Random Facts

The Tour Marm tagged me a while ago and I need to post my eight random facts. (I am procrastinating instead of packing. What do I need to pack, anyway?)

1. I am a voracious reader. I will read pretty much anything. As I have gotten older, though, I have realized that I don't necessarily have to finish something that is retched. I can put it aside and give it away.

2. As much as I complain about teaching, I really love it. I always thought I wanted to be a lawyer, but I can't imagine doing that for a living. Really. Summer is a blast.

3. If I am wearing a dress or a skirt, I usually wear pantyhose. I can't stand to wear dress shoes barefoot. (Although I did on my anniversary. That is the influence of teenage daughters.)

4. I was waitlisted at the College of William and Mary and that was one of my biggest disappointments. I think everything works out for the best - but it still bothers me.

5. Having daughters "late" has made me younger. I can't explain it, but when you have an eleven year old trailing you, people automatically think you are just younger than you are. I don't mind, but I am older than you think.

6. I am a pretty good tennis player. I hate golf, but I have a pretty good drive.

7. I usually can spot a grammatical error just by looking at the copy. The teachers on my team usually hand me the rough drafts of whatever they are working on and I just polish it up, right there on the spot.

8. I have gotten more outspoken as I have gotten older. You have a right to your opinion and sometimes, you have a right to say what you think. I believe that individuals and groups who try to silence you or tell you that you are wrong are the ones who are wrong. And I have become bold enough to let you know.

And here's an extra - I am fairly shy, so I am not a tagger. If you haven't been tagged for this (and everyone I have been reading looks like they have been) raise you hand and I will pick you for this meme.

Wish me luck on the packing!!



Blogger cupcake said...

I swear to Oprah, we are twin daughters of different mothers.

I'm a Virginian!

I'm a grammar geek!

I love American history and especially Virginia history (have you read "Love and Death in Jamestown?" Awesome book.)

And I went to W&M!

But I don't meme, because it's already all about me.

7/10/2007 10:28 AM  
Anonymous Miss A said...

#7 Reading blogs must torture for you. . .

7/17/2007 4:25 AM  

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