Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Last Day of Vacation

Sundays are never, for me anyway, any kind of a vacation day.

It has to do with the death march of choir and Sunday School and the awful hour at which they occur. And the fact that LB's parents always lunch with us after church.

We do not get home from said obligations until after 2PM. While I shouldn't complain about honoring the Lord, I would like it to occur at a reasonable hour like my Catholic brethren. I walked into the Starbucks to grab a quick cup of coffee before starting my Sunday vigil. One of my friends was there with his family - already finished with Mass and enjoying some coffee, looking forward to the day. I was more than envious.

Today, however, is more than an average Sunday. In addition to being the last day of Christmas vacation for me it is also the evening of the Mistletoe Ball. Seniors are going to the Christmas formal tonight. You would think this wouldn't have much to do with me - but how wrong would you be? In addition to having a daughter getting ready for her last Christmas formal, I also have to go to the annual Picture Party this evening and mingle for an entire hour (AN HOUR) with my camera, ready to take pictures of any adorable moment my oldest daughter might be engaged in.

She has asked Brown Bear to come along with her camera in case Lawyer Boy and I can't handle it.

So, yesterday was a marathon in readying myself for school on Monday. Not ready at all. Won't be ready today and won't be ready tomorrow. We were told that report cards had to go home on the 8th three days before Christmas vacation. Unexpected and ridiculous in my district because elementary report cards are done by hand.

Yes, you read that correctly! In the 21st century, I am doing report cards by hand. Without a computer program to average grades provided by the county. I bought into a service, but teachers who don't opt to do this average grades on a calculator.

Ninety days, people. I'm looking for a new job. Any suggestions?

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Blogger T said...

I will say it again....teachers are under payed and not valued near enough in our society!

Good luck with the ball tonight - just take a moment to soak it all in and enjoy! I'm betting that hour flies by and you want to stay longer.

1/03/2010 8:57 AM  
Blogger Mom on the Run said...

You've seen the pictures on the front of the MDJ of the MHS pre prom pictures, right? I hate it.

I don't know personally what it's like to teach in our district (well, I know it's better than Cobb Co unless you're at Dickerson or Sope Creek)...not that many complaints from friends I know although Emily is a workaholic and expects nothing less from her administrators. My BIL is now a supt. at a city school system in W.Ga, and he says he worked more when he was principal at MMS than he does now just because it was what you were supposed to do.

Also, the most complaints come from the middle school/6th grade academy teachers, and I don't know how to solve the problems we have there. That's the weak link in our school system. Wish we could find a solution.

1/03/2010 11:31 AM  
Blogger Brittany said...

I could not imagine doing grade cards by hand. I teach 4th grade and have to do 90 report cards (we switch classes), writing all of those by hand would be horrible! Good luck with your first day back! I'm dreading it!

1/03/2010 1:32 PM  
Blogger John Deere Mom said...

A winter formal? On a Sunday? Did I read that right?! And I cannot believe you are still doing report cards by hand. That's just crazy. Good luck. I still have a bajillion papers to grade and record before grades are due at 3:00 tomorow!

1/03/2010 1:49 PM  
Blogger Angela said...

We do interim reports AND report cards by hand. Did I mention I teach in one of the largest urban districts in the nation? Sigh.

1/04/2010 1:18 AM  

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