Tuesday, August 24, 2010

That's A Day I'll Never Get Back

Bullying training, today. Or, better yet, training to prevent bullying. My ADD kicked in about 2 1/2 hours after workshop commenced. Actually, I was on a row with three others who had lost consciousness. Because, seriously, I CAN'T sit still that long and have a meaningful experience. Oh, and we had another 4 hours to go.

I've already figured out who the problem is going to be this year. The child is a little awkward - but if you knew her mother, you'd understand why. The mother checks her child out of school every Wednesday early to go to her psychiatrist/psychologist appointment. She has the child on Prozac and Concerta. And this mom can't help but complain and gripe about everything. Timed math tests for her ADD child. How her child was bullied, beaten and picked on at her last school. How I have handed out an outdated reading assignment on passports - when I did so to prove a point about trusting sources - she emails me the State Department regulations on travel. WTF? I know what I'm doing, so stop second guessing me. (I can't imagine what she would have done if she had read that Hong Kong was still independent like it said in a Social Studies textbook I had to teach from for years.)

She has also loudly and publically stated that her ex-husband abused this child several years ago, but the daughter still has five hours of unsupervised visitation with this man.

Excuse me, but this woman is the definition of crazy. If I believed for one second that someone had abused my daughter, you can believe that she wouldn't be visiting him five hours a week. Unsupervised.

Still, I'm not going to let this woman bother me. I know what I'm doing. She doesn't.

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Blogger Ginger Snaps said...


8/24/2010 6:33 PM  
Anonymous Shiela said...

Woow! That's one long training hours.
They should train parents too=)

8/25/2010 2:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

People who are nuts like this woman can make a teachers life hell. And you identified her so quickly. Sad!

8/26/2010 4:38 AM  

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