Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Exam Week

How do you know it is exam week in TeacherGirl's house? PrepGirl's bizarro behavior.

First, she gets to wear whatever she wants to school and this week, it is whichever pair of soffees she finds, paired with the first t-shirt she comes to in the closet (or on the floor - I don't want to know).

Next, her basic stress reliever is piano playing and cartwheeling down the hallway. I don't mind the piano - really, I don't- but that Chopin Etude is about to drive me out of my everloving mind. Thank goodness he's dead, because I'd be looking for his smarmy, white behind to kill. She plays it and plays it and plays it - right tempo, wrong tempo, right notes, wrong notes - whatever. When she tires of it, she launches into either a How Great Thou Art or some form of Shave and A Haircut. She always messes up How Great Thou Art in the same place and finishes it with "two bits."

Then, she freaks out. Launches into crazy talk about how she isn't me when I was a freshman "400 years ago." (I take exception to that crazy talk. It wasn't 400 hundred years ago.) However, I was an exceptional freshman. My freshman GPA carried me all through high school. I was a geek, however, and I have spawned a cheerleader. A devestatingly beautiful, talented and popular cheerleader.

Then she starts rapping. My response is that if she can remember all those rap songs, then by golly she should start remembering some ________ (fill in the blank right here. Geometry or Biology are high on my list.)

She wants me to help her study for Geometry. Geometry, 399 years ago, wasn't my best subject. She thinks that is hysterical. After all, she's in SmartMath. That's what they call it when they are accelerated. So, together, we plow through that massive pile of geometry and every so often, we hit the mathematical jackpot. Tonight, we are going to be plowing through that pile one more time. I have told her that really, I can't think of another time I have used Geometry in my life. Maybe once, when I painted that circular table. She won't ask LawyerBoy because one question turns into a twenty minute conversation. And when you have 20 questions, who has time for that?

So, after Thursday, we can put this freshman year to bed and begin studying for the driver's permit.

I think that's a thought for another day.

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