Saturday, August 25, 2007

My New Best Friend

Last night, our house was the last call of my AC guy. He had done work for us at our previous house, including helping LawyerBoy with a plumbing problem. When ACGuy got here last night, it began to thunderstorm. And it was a bad one. ACGuy believed the problem to be with the outside part of the unit. (Kaboom!!!!) And I tell you now, in the midst of this tremendous thunderstorm, he not only diagnosed the problem, he fixed it.


Cool air in the upstairs.

Who says America isn't full of the greatest workers in the world?

Yesterday, the ACGuy for school spent all day at our school, going from tinbox to tinbox. He had our air working all day - right up until dismissal. He said he would come check on us on Monday - he's hoping that the temperatures are going to be a little lower and that that will help. The only thing that is going to help is snow.



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