Friday, August 17, 2007

Who Says You Need a Skirt and Pumps?

In a fit of heat induced hysteria, I wore my Ann Taylor Loft khaki walking shorts and lovely purple top (school colors, of course) to school today. Granted, I am not a size 0, but there are several teachers in the building who are wearing "city shorts." I plead insanity. But it was the best teaching day of my entire career.

The HVAC guy has been back and the AC really is a little better: it didn't fall apart until about 45 minutes until we were supposed to go home and then it kicked back on. I didn't hang around to see how long it was going to work, though. Just packed the bag and hit the road. We'll see how it is on Monday. The day before reality hits at my house: back to school for the PrepGirls.

Two hours before High School Musical 2 comes on. I hope the Second Coming of Oprah garners this kind of excitement.

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Blogger cupcake said...

Well, look at you, being true to your school! Our colors are blue and white, and fortunately both colors look okay on me. Gold? Not so much.

I feel your HSM2 pain, sister. Zac! Vanessa! TOGETHER AGAIN!!!!

8/17/2007 6:57 PM  

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