Friday, June 20, 2008

Training Teachers

I neglected to mention that this class that I took this week also has a year long component. I have to mentor a new teacher and then meet monthly with the group I spent this week with. The upside? We get a stipend. Cash, American. And I also get an endorsement on my certificate. Now, do I get a raise or anything like that? Uh, no. But, I don't have to worry about renewing my certificate until 2016. I think that is when BrownBear is in her sophomore year of college.

Some of the teachers I watched this week, though, scared me. They talked over our instructors, didn't read instructions and did assignments bassackwards. And then they asked me what to do. These teachers were supposed to be some of the best in the system, and they were acting like the worst of our children. No wonder we fail them.



Blogger cupcake said...

I adore my mentor, but I so would love to be mentored by teachergirl. Can you imagine? I would learn at the feet of the master.

You and lawyerboy wouldn't be interested in relocating a tad north, would you?

6/21/2008 8:05 AM  
Blogger 40 said...

Anytime we train teachers - that's what you get. They are worse than kids. And when technology is involved - it's even worse.


But, when I train teachers I am TOTALLY prepared and ready. They are ruthless sometimes.

Good for you. I hope you get a good solid mentee that can use the work and advice you have for them.

6/21/2008 12:32 PM  
Blogger Angie said...

I would be honored to be mentored by teachergirl. I are the TEACHERGIRL! Hope you get some bright, hard-working mentees to break down, I mean mentor. Can you even imagine BrownBear in college? That's crazy talk!

6/21/2008 9:06 PM  

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