Monday, January 11, 2010

Sick Bay

Cardinal rule in Teachergirl's room: if you are sick, HIT THE ROAD. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. The restroom is ONE door down from my classroom. Go for it. We will sort out any misunderstandings later.

I don't do sick - not even my OWN children's sick - so do not expect me to be all mommy/nurse there for you. It makes me gag just to think about it.

Because of the swine flu, I have sent students to the nurse without so much as a second glance. If you think you feel bad, you have my blessing. Go forth and be healed.

Today, one of my students asked to go to the nurse. I didn't hesitate - go, my dear. I may be getting played, but I'm not one to take a chance. The nurse sent her back and I just told her to have a seat and I continued on with math. Not ten minutes later, the sweet girl is throwing up into her hands and running TOWARD my desk. Holy vomitorium, Batman, run out of the classroom, not farther into it!!!!!! Thank goodness, a trash can was right in front of my desk, because if she had barfed ON my desk, full of lesson plans, report cards and a ton of my own junk, I would have fainted. And trust me, I nearly did when I saw what was going on.

The worst of it was the custodian tried to give me my trash can back.

I think I can do without this one.

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Blogger John Deere Mom said...

Blech! I don't do other kids' puke at.all. I actually ran into the hallway the first time a kid puked in my room while the other kids tended to him. Teacher of the Year, right here!

1/17/2010 12:40 PM  
Blogger Ginger Snaps said...

HAHAHA! One of my favorite students couldn't contain herself a few weeks ago and vomited right into my classroom sink. Um, custudian, can you please come clean up this vomit, please? Thanks.

1/18/2010 6:38 PM  

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