Tuesday, September 21, 2010

News From the Front

Weeks go by without a word from TG; usually that means trouble with a capital T. This time, however, it means that things are moving along rather sweetly. I must tell you that our pay cut and furlough days are beginning to show up in the paycheck. My personal finances are a shambles, but I suspect that part of it is due to Prep being in college and BrownBear being a high school girl.

  • My class of 29 has been reduced by one - one of my best students has moved to New Hampshire. Not great, but good for her dad who got a better job.
  • I have a few students who are still dragging their feet - but on the whole, my crew does what I ask without too much grumbling.
  • The superintendent is leaving after this school year. Some are speculating that he won't' make it to January.
  • The best thing we did as a school district is give everyone a fall break. Which I am enjoying as I write. Everyone needs to calm down - this calendar gives me hope that I won't break before I get a break. I can see Thanksgiving from my house.



Blogger John Deere Mom said...

Dude...that's a weird time for Fall Break. Well, it is the first day of fall. So I guess not so weird. :) I also started with 29 and am down to 28. My kids? Are needy...with a capital IEP.

9/21/2010 4:19 PM  

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