Saturday, October 23, 2010

War Damn Eagle, Baby!

Thrilled to report that Prep is having the time of her life at the best place in the world. Who knew that Auburn, Alabama, is akin to heaven? Who?Knew?

When she said that she had always wanted to go to Auburn, I had to look around to see who she was talking to. You see, I had never heard the words Auburn University come out of her mouth. Everyone (EVERYONE) at her high school applies to Auburn and 99% of them get in. Then the waiting game starts - who's getting into Georgia and Georgia Tech? Because 97% of them are waiting for those letters.

Not our Prep! When she decided early on that Ole Miss wasn't for her (and you don't know how confused I was over that decision) , she set her sights on Auburn and hasn't looked back. She left a warm cocoon of 140 kids in her graduating class to a huge SEC school with approximately 87,000 people on campus. She successfully manuevered through rush (I'm sorry. Sorority Recruitment) and pledged one of her first choices. (And her sorority has over 200 members.) She has classes, friends, exercise class, and fraternity parties to go to. On Game Day, there is one hell of a party.

This time, last year, I had no idea what the future would hold. Now, I have a daughter who has found another home. And as sad as that sounds, it is perfectly all right.

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

The View from Here

The crud going around school finally grabbed me Wednesday and wouldn't turn loose. My nose was running and my eyes were watering so hard, I couldn't write names on conference notes. I could barely give Thursday's ITBS and my AP told me to go home and stay. (When does that ever happen?) I even went to the doctor, got some free drugs (the best kind!) and a doctor's note. HR said that we are only allowed 7 unexcused sick days - we assume they mean the kind of sick day when you wake up and say "I'm sick of work." Not getting caught in that drama, so I got a note, a day to lie around and rest and then both sweet girls show up Friday afternoon. (BrownBear had been on an overnight service field trip and Prep, well, Prep's a college girl.) The sad thing about having a free Thursday night was my total inability to really enjoy it.

Now that I'm able to sit up and think, I have come to realize that the first nine weeks is over; Thanksgiving is six weeks away and all I have to do is get through conference week. Not rocket science, but tedious - we still have to do our report cards by hand. Really? Maybe that should be a consideration for the next superintendent -

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