Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Summary

  • Teachers report for pre-planning Thursday. You read that right: Thursday.
  • Students report for the first day of school the following Thursday. You read that right, too.
  • Only saving grace: Fall Break near the end of September. The way I figure it, I can do anything for 9 weeks.
  • Cancun was FABULOUS!!!! All inclusive is the only way to go. The people at the resort were concerned with my happiness and well-being and whether or not I needed another drink. (I did.)
  • Two weeks from today, Prep will be waking up in her own dorm room in Auburn. I get a little more devestated every day - and am proud of her independence at the same time.
  • Two weeks from today, BrownBear will be waking up as the only child in the domicile. She is more worried about that than just about anything else.
  • Primary elections last week kicked some serious behind. Can't wait until November - our district's school board rep is in for a rude awakening.
  • Back to the choir loft this morning.

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