Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I remember those days when I would throw a baby in the Target buggy and roam mindlessly around, just to get out of the house and pretend like I was doing something.
Today, during my precious Fall Break, I had to pop into Target. Mothers and children in buggies were doing what I had done in the past. However, I overheard a conversation not meant for the ears of young children and not for me, either.

"When was the last time we made passionate love together? When was the last time you held me in your arms? When was the last time we just tickled each other in bed? I am a human being and I need to be held."

I looked around to see what soap opera was being played out THREE aisles over. Some woman (and I use the phrase loosely) was on her cellphone and the reception must have been terrible. Because she was shouting this conversation to her significant other.

I stalked her for a few moments, unable to believe the conversation she was so nonchallantly having in the middle of the Target while on her cellphone.

I am still astounded. Who walks around and let's all this dirty laundry hang out in public?


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

News From the Front

Weeks go by without a word from TG; usually that means trouble with a capital T. This time, however, it means that things are moving along rather sweetly. I must tell you that our pay cut and furlough days are beginning to show up in the paycheck. My personal finances are a shambles, but I suspect that part of it is due to Prep being in college and BrownBear being a high school girl.

  • My class of 29 has been reduced by one - one of my best students has moved to New Hampshire. Not great, but good for her dad who got a better job.
  • I have a few students who are still dragging their feet - but on the whole, my crew does what I ask without too much grumbling.
  • The superintendent is leaving after this school year. Some are speculating that he won't' make it to January.
  • The best thing we did as a school district is give everyone a fall break. Which I am enjoying as I write. Everyone needs to calm down - this calendar gives me hope that I won't break before I get a break. I can see Thanksgiving from my house.


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