Friday, July 31, 2009

What was I Thinking When I Said Yes?

Notice the boxed country on the above continent: BrownBear leaves in approximately 24 hours for Ecuador. Uh, with a group of 8th graders from school. All prayers and good thoughts would be appreciated. Trust me. I'm the nervous wreck.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just a Quick Question

Why do men think Extreme Home Makeovers are a good idea seven days before I have to report back to school? When we are expecting houseguests in a day? When both of our children are leaving on trips - one of whom is leaving the freaking country by herself for the very first time ALONE? Could I be any more bothered by this? I understand he means well, but for heaven's sake, he's had all summer. Couldn't he have bothered me in June instead of the last week of July?

Just asking...


Five Days and Counting

Home again, this time from the beach. People, I've got five days of vacation left before we report for pre-planning. This week, the governor came out and said, "whoops! we've got a $900 million deficit. Teachers need to take 3 furlough days!" And my response is, "whoops! I've got a signed contract that doesn't say anything about the governor forcing me to take 3 furlough days because the state can't add." That's what you get when you elect a veterinarian governor. And don't get me wrong, because I love vets. I don't like stupid ones. But here's the deal: this is the same governor who was elected because of the educator bloc; he had our backs for years - he even gave us $100 gift cards at the beginning of every school year- but for him to think he could break our contracts? I'd like to know what his school teacher mama thinks.

Amazingly enough, the county isn't forcing the issue. They have $100 million in reserve - and we didn't have paper or toner for the copying we couldn't do last year - and are spending $10 million to keep all of us employed. Imagine - they are looking like the good guys. But like I always say, who knows what they have in store for us.


Friday, July 17, 2009

What a Run

I watched Walter Cronkite my entire life: I am only sorry he didn't make it until Monday to see the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing. I can only imagine his seat for this anniversary is somewhat more spectacular.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Look at my Swedish Pancake, Now!

I'm sorry; I didn't pay much attention to Wimbledon this year, except for the local girl who made good. But, excuse me. Bjorn Borg? I never liked him because he was never cute to me. But, hello lover. I'm sorry for not paying attention to you in the past. Can't we call it even and start over?


Thursday, July 09, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

One of my favorite images from the Fourth of July - as I sprinted from the reading of the Declaration of Independence at the Archives to the Air and Space Museum where I met one of the Tuskegee Airmen - is this one of the Fife and Drum Corps on the National Mall getting ready for the parade. As Melissa B has pointed out, the Fourth of July was like the end of September and the day after we were looking for the sweatshirts we didn't pack.
What a road trip. And I mean that very day. My sister dropped me at Archives and I started running. When she picked me up on Independence and 12th, we thought we could just blow on through to Virginia - little did we know that "they" were closing the city down and we had to go down 12th Street, ending up on Pennsylvania Avenue all the way out to Suitland, Maryland. I have a picture of the Andrews Air Force Base exit on 495.
We managed to do all of this in 90 minutes.
While Prep and BrownBear were asleep at home.
I love road trips, but I am certainly glad to be back home.


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