Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tales Out of School (Thanks, Pat Welsh!)

  • Divided up the darlings for "Springtime Summer School." I can tell you right now - this isn't going to work. The 16 kids who were picked think they are in prison - and they are. Two hours of math and two hours of reading remediation because the county couldn't figure out finances for summer school. And I was involved in picking the kids we thought might not pass the Super Big State Test. Somebody's going to get sued.
  • Got an email from the head douche telling us which order he's going to fire us in because the county couldn't figure out finances and he's $137 million in the red next year. Right now, they are looking to get rid of about 580 teachers in the district. The half time people and limited contract people found out in a mass email that their services weren't going to be needed next year. Oh, yeah - the Board changed the RIF policy LAST WEEK. To make it easier to get rid of us.
  • My second student teacher will be leaving me after tomorrow. Damn. I hate when they leave.
  • Can summer be far away? Is that Cancun calling me? You bet.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Downhill Slide

Read 'em and weep - 29 school days and counting. They can't end this stupid year any faster.

And for the record, Tiger, bless your heart, you are a big, whining, self-absorbed jerk. Not one word about our hospitality, our ability to protect you from a lot of crap, and the field of players who kicked your butt. Phil Mickelson had real problems to overcome this year, not self inflicted ones like you did, you little piss-ant.

From what I heard, they really weren't cheering you on like the press corps would have us believe. Polite clapping from the gallery - the real cheers were for Phil, Lee Westwood, Freddy Couples and K.J. Choi.

Good luck next week. I'm sure Charlotte won't be as kind.


Saturday, April 03, 2010

Spring Break!

Thank you, John Deere Mom!! April, indeed!! With April, however, comes a multitude of worries, including prom, super big state test, springtime summer school and impending graduation for Prep.

We took care of Prom today by buying the dress and shoes.

SuperBig State Test will just have to take care of itself. I can't do anymore. We start it two (yes, two) days after we get back from break.

Springtime summerschool is going to be a freaking disaster. Done deal. I'm not the Wizard of Oz and I can't tell you who's going to fail before they do. Let alone prep them for a test they might not need to take. But this is coming from a central office lead by a moron who sent out a video on the school intranet in which he basically said to all of us, "You've done a great job, have a great spring break, oh and by the way, we're going to have to fire a bunch of you." Well, screw you, too, dumb a$$.

Graduation week is more like a coronation. When Prep's class gets finished, they should each rule a small country. I'm going to need at least three different outfits for all the places I need to go that week. I'm excited for her, but sad for me. I can't believe how quickly it has all gone and now she's off to Auburn.

War Eagle!


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