Saturday, February 02, 2008

Teacher Laptops and the People Who Get to Use Them

First, I am no officially the recipient of PrepGirl's crappy cough and whatnot. My doctor, however, prescribed stuff to make me feel better. I think I was asleep last night - I might have been unconscious, though, and was hallucinating all night long.

LawyerBoy went somewhere and listened to some guy give a presentation and during his presentation, this guy was going to do a powerpoint. (Can you tell I was somewhat delirious when I was listening to this story?) LB said the presenter got up and had one of our county's teacher laptops to do said presentation. When it came time to do his powerpoint, the presenter couldn't log in to the computer. LawyerBoy said he sat there for a second and then said to the presenter, "Can I give it a try?" So the presenter said sure. Well, LawyerBoy jumpped up, typed in the original username and password that were assigned to every teacher in the county and just like magic, the computer booted up.

The presenter looked at LawyerBoy for a second and the first words out of his mouth were, "How do you know my wife?" Are you kidding me?



Anonymous M said...

Coming from Amalah's blog...I have one of those laptops too...but with my own my husband can rest easy that LB cannot access my lesson plans :)

But there are no sex in the city days at my work...I teach K :)

2/02/2008 6:55 PM  

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