Monday, April 07, 2008

My Fascinating Day

My first day of Spring Break has just flown by. The stay-at-home part of me fluttered around this morning because we are going to have a house guest this week (long story short: private school girls aren't having spring break; public school moms are. One of my friend's is going to take her husband to see his father. I don't have exciting plans like that, so we offered to keep her daughter for the duration.) and I had to chisel the grime out of PrepGirl's shower. (OMG. I thought girls didn't like crud. I guess she doesn't like cleaning more.)

I left the house after that.

I've baked cookies and started the laundry and read (The Romance Reader's Book Club), did a little shopping and a little exercise.

Yesterday, I didn't think the choir was singing, so I dragged myself up to the balcony and proceeded to watch in surprise as they dragged themselves into the choir loft. Color me stupid. I'm on Spring Break.



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