Sunday, April 06, 2008

You Call This A Drought?

My part of the country is suffering in the middle of a drought. This past winter, the lake levels that supply our water were down by huge amounts; so much so, that we were on lake alert. The local news would let us know nightly how many inches our lake levels were down.

Our local intown park is host to several festivals in the spring and the local government decided that the drought, coupled with thousands of festival goers, would devestate the grounds of the park. They moved all the festivals to the parking lot of one of the malls inside the perimeter.

Fast forward to Thursday, the opening day of the first spring festival: a deluge poured down from the heavens, which continued through Friday and Saturday.

I believe it has rained more during this drought than at any other time in our state's history. The lake levels are all up; the only one that isn't up to capacity is the one which the Corps of Engineers continues to release with no forethought as to the consequences for the people of this state.

Either way, I am still on spring break: I can just sit around in my pajamas for all I care.



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