Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thanksgiving Can't Come Any Sooner

Could I be any busier? Seriously. And still no idea what my plans are for Thanksgiving. And things just keep getting added to the plate.

I assigned a paper to my English class a week ago, to be turned in on Friday - the 21st. I've got kids who are just now realizing that this Friday is the same Friday the 21st I've been talking about. Seriously, who teaches calendar and when did these kids stop listening? We sent home academic alerts today and I'd bet 80% of the 5th graders got one because they aren't turning in their assignments.

And today? My father got a new knee. Guess when I found out about this whole deal? Sunday night. My only question was why didn't he wait until January to schedule this elective surgery.

And then he told me.

The golf trip is in March. He needs to be good to go by then. His surgeon told him he'd be chipping in three weeks and playing in eight. He wants to be in top form by March, not just limping around.

You've got to admire a man with priorities.



Blogger Finding Normal said...

Midterms went home in my class today. I just checked my school email--2 so far from concerned parents. Nevermindyou that they could see their kids grades online at any time, if they were so inclined. Easier to catch those missing assignments than waiting until the report goes home.
And one of those 2 is a frequent caller of the superintendent and principal over her son's migraines and what causes them. Why is he always absent on Mondays then? 42 days out last year. Crazy.
OMG I'm totally purging on your blog. Sorry about that.
And I was going to guess FIL had already met his deductible. Glad to hear he has sound reasoning!

11/18/2008 10:37 PM  
Blogger Melissa B. said...

I swear, the furtherer I go, the dumber the students get. Someone asked me the other day what a "return" key is on a computer key board. I guess I could cut her some slack, since she's never typed on a typewriter, therefore has never experienced the thrill of having the carriage snap back after hitting what is now called the "enter" key. Oh, well. BTW, tomorrow's Sx3 features a turkey of a snap, which I'm sure you'll love! Please come by and Share the Caption Love!

11/22/2008 2:48 PM  
Blogger John Deere Mom said...

Christmas Break is in sight, my friend...

11/23/2008 5:57 AM  

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