Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Holiday Haze

I can't believe it is Thanksgiving. I tried to incorporate the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving into some Thinking Map lessons and I believe it went fairly well. I have found with my class, however, that you cannot let up on them at all. You must engage them. They do not do well with any free time at all. They don't do well in group seating, either. I have them in rows; you know, those horrible things that all the textbooks tell you not to do now. But I have such a group, they can't handle anything else.

I also have a student who is smart, but who is an unusual trouble maker. He likes to make fun of the other students who have difficulties with things he finds easy. He likes to think he is superior. I have never seen such behavior out of a 10 year old in my life. He is not kind. He doesn't have any compassion. At all.

Oh well. Let his mother deal with him for a while. I have the rest of the week off!!!!!


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