Friday, December 01, 2006

Hallelujah!! It's December!

So, I messed up the code on the thing below this post; what's new?

Prepgirl's high school football team won their playoff game tonight. EXCELLENT!! They're going to the Dome.

My principal suggested that some of my not so charming students be separated - into other classes - at the beginning of the New Year!! I told her to wrap a bow around them and put them under my Christmas tree. The two worst offenders gone! I think I might be able to function these next 14 school days.

We're having a Christmas breakfast at school tomorrow. BrownBear and I are working the CakeWalk. I've been shopping and we have lights all around. I think it really might be Christmastime, afterall.

The Santa clock just makes me laugh everytime I see him. I'm finally looking forward to the holidays.


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