Monday, December 04, 2006

One Down, Two to Go

PrepGirl played flute in her Christmas concert tonight; I'm just overjoyed that one is over. I had to hem her dress with a huge running whip stitch - I was afraid tape wouldn't hold because it's so cold and she's got to wear the dress tomorrow for the concert they're having at school.

Middle school concerts were a hassle. Kids and parents everywhere. I thought I'd outsmart them this year. BrownBear didn't want to go, so she went to a friend's house and I dropped off PrepGirl at 6PM SHARP!! Found myself a prime seat in the front row of the balcony, plugged in my ipod and set forth doing teacherwork. Never saw a rush for seats. Never saw the crowds that were present for middle school concerts. Oh well, I got some work done, saved a good seat for LawyerBoy and enjoyed watching PrepGirl play. One concert down, mine and BrownBear's to go..

Tomorrow is the worst day for any teacher - Observation Day.................I'm all ready, I think. I've done this so many times, I wonder how bad could it be; and then I remember how bad it could be. I just hope it goes well. I just hope they listen and don't ask silly things and that my 30 minutes go by quickly. We're getting our tree tomorrow night to celebrate.


Blogger mex (aka Syb) said...

Have you nevah heard of bribery, Gurl?


BTW, thx for yr comment. II didn't know but uno persona read that blawg


12/05/2006 8:38 AM  

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