Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Last Little Bit of Crazy

Laura Mallory is a mom who wants to go to federal court to ban the Harry Potter books in her school district. As a school teacher, I believe she could spend her mom time doing a lot more in her local school and district to help her children and all the other children get more for their bang. At my house, if you bring home something I think is questionable, we sit down and talk about it. WE TALK ABOUT IT. You know, around the dinner table. Usually, we don't make a federal case about it. I couldn't get LawyerBoy to file a case for me for lots of things - "I represent the state, I can't represent you against it." - what's the use of being married to a lawyer if you don't get free representation? Anyway, I digress.

As a mom, I believe she is about to pay a huge price around said dinner table. I believe her children are about to go to middle school. It is one thing to be the mom on tv when your kids are in elementary school. It is a horse of a different color when you are in middle school.

And today is the last day of post planning. I've got some post planning for you - don't have this day: I am done. All I have to do is pick up my room a little bit more and I could have done that yesterday if I hadn't gone to that stupid meeting yesterday about the new math book.

Summer school starts Monday. With PrepGirl and BrownBear in camp and Vacation Bible School, I thought teaching for four more weeks would be a good way to bank a little bit of cash for next year. You know, so PrepGirl and BrownBear can go to school.


Blogger Dewey said...

Big, big mistake. For one thing, there's nothing wrong with those books. If her religion says otherwise, then I think she's a wacko. Just my opinion.

Second, you're SO right. When your mom is the shit-stirrer, it's humiliating. The other kids know it and torment you.

Third, what kind of parent teaches kids that what you do with the world is try to squeeze it all into your way of thinking? Those kids will grow up and see more and more and more of the world that isn't for them, and they will realize that it's not possible to change everything to suit your beliefs.

All you can do is teach your child what you think is right and then TRUST that you did a good job.

But personally? I can not see teaching my children anything but to THINK FOR THEMSELVES. If that's different from how I think, that is ok with me, as long as they are making lives for themselves that feel right for them.

5/31/2007 8:28 PM  

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